Teal Silk Cot Sleeve

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Give your little one the best night sleep on our teal silk cot sleeve.

The silk cot sleeve allows your little ones head to glide smoothly across the silk surface, reducing hair loss and frizzy bed hair caused by friction. 

Silk is magical for babies! Its hypoallergenic and has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, mould and other allergens. The breathable fibre will naturally regulate your little ones temperature. We think its just perfect for delicate baby skin.

//  100% Mulberry Silk  //  OEKO-TEX Certified - free of harmful substances  //


Width - Designed to fit a standard size NZ/USA cot mattresses 69cm+ wide. The total circumference should measure between 158cm -172cm.
Height: 41cm

The Cot sleeve has a stretchable backing which has been added to hold the cot sleeve in position for safe sleeping and allows for ranging mattress size. DO NOT use if the Silk Cot Sleeve does not fit snug around the cot mattress.



Please follow Monday Silks safely guidelines when using the Silk Cot Sleeve. Use only on a firm cot mattress which meets the specified sizing requirements as stated by Monday Silks. 

Do not put any loose items in the cot such as soft toys, pillows or anything else that could cause suffocation. 

For full information on keeping your baby safe while sleeping please refer to New Zealand's Safe Sleeping guidelines.





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