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Monday Silks Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Purchased for a gift. Extremely pleased pleased


Beautifully packaged with a lovely hand written note. Very special.

Grey pillow case

Awesome product
Good colour
Washes up well
thanks Monday silks
Just waiting for the results to be noticed


Love it such beautiful quality. My daughter seems to love rubbing her face on it and within one day the frizz at the back of her head was gone. Now I want some pillows for my bed!

You will never sleep on anything else

I gifted two black silk pillowcases for Christmas. They were such a hit that when they visited us camping, guess what couldn’t be left at home? When you sleep on luxury of a silk pillowcase, you will never sleep on anything else again. Even when your camping😍.
Julie White


Lovely quality and quick service. Has made a huge difference with my little ones bald patch! Highly recommend

Love it

I was at first skeptical but wanted to try due to my baby's bald spot. I did not realise that the cot cotton sheet is so much courser until I felt the softness of the silk sleeve! I think I see some itsy bitsy hairs growing back on my baby's bald spot. I can't wait to see if it fully grows back in a few months. Thank you.

Grey Silk Cot Sleeve

Love the cot sheet!


Pillowcases are so divine!!


Love my silk pillowcase… beautiful to sleep on and I’ve noticed less frizz and bed hair in the morning. Think they will make a great Christmas gift.

Pink Silk Cot Sleeve
So Lush!

I havent been using it long enough to see results but this product is beautiful. Sits snug on the cot mattress and is made so well. Comes in beautiful packaging. Next baby shower im going to will be getting one 😍

Pink Silk Cot Sleeve
Fantastic cot sleeve

What a wonderful product! My baby daughter is a back sleeper and was rubbing her head resulting in a very large bald patch. Since using the cot sleeve her hair is now recovering and growing. It is super soft and fitting around the mattress stays in place and doesn't clump. Thank you!

Never switching back!!

I love my pillowcase it is so good, keeps my hair nice for way longer. Now I just give it a quick brush in the morning instead of having to straighten every day, never going back to normal ones!


Packing is on point 👌
Product is on point 👌
Online services on point 👌
Prompt delivery on point 👌

Pillow Slip

We LOOOVVEEEE these & hate wash day... they are so soft & smooth. Absolute luxury! Saving for our second set so we never have a night without! Also love the zip on them, they look so neat & tidy.

Pink Silk Cot Sleeve
Baby Cot Slip

Amazingly soft & perfect on my wee girls skin & hair. She loves it! Thanks so much

So beautiful and great quality

My silk pillowcase is so beautiful to sleep on. I'm sleeping much better as it keeps me cooler than cotton.

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