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How to get rid of bald spots on baby

How to prevent baby bald spots forming

Yes, baby bald spots can develop on all babies! Although it will eventually grow back, some will take longer than others. Sleeping your little one on silk will not only help prevent bald spots and will help speed up the regrowth of them. Our babies will spend 12-17 hours a day sleeping in their first year, so their sleep surface is really important.

Babies hair loss:

Did you know, a newborn's hormone levels drop right after birth, which can cause them to lose the hair they were born with. There's no need to worry, newborn hair loss is perfectly normal, its called telogen effluvium. 

If you notice that your baby is developing bald patches, check for hair loss on their cot mattress. Babies spent a lot of time on their backs and are constantly moving their heads from side to side, causing friction and tugging at their delicate hair on the back of their head.

There are also other medical reasons which can cause babies to lose their hair. If you are concerned we recommend seeking medical advice.

What can I do about bald spots? 

To help prevent bald spots from forming we recommend:

- sleeping them on silk bedding. 
- avoid headbands and hair ties
- adjust babies head position slightly when sleeping
- encourage supervised tummy time
- utilise front pack 

Sleep your baby on silk to reduce hair loss and skin allergies