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The Secret Benefits of Sleeping on Silk

We all know silk feels super smooth, but did
you know the benefits of sleeping on silk extend to our skin and hair. 

Sleep is our bodies number one chance to work it's magic by repairing damaged cells.
Monday Silks pillowcases help optimise skin repair, regeneration and hydration. 

Discover our blog on why silk is great for baby, including eliminating bald spots.


* Benefits of sleeping on silk! *
1. Anti Sleep Creases
Healthy skinDo you wake with sleep creases? Sleeping on silk has been shown to create less friction than cotton, which results in less pulling and pressure on the skin. The smooth surface of silk helps our skin glide across the pillowcase and helps reduce the skin from creasing. 

2. Reduces Bed Hair & Spilt Ends
silk pillowcases help reduce hair loss By sleeping on silk pillowcases your hair glides across the smooth silk surface, reducing friction caused by other materials such as cotton. This means less hair loss which can lead to bald spots in babies, bed hair, knots and spilt ends. 

3. Sensitive Friendly
Silk is Hypoallergenic Silk is hypoallergenic and a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould, in addition to many other allergens. The use of silk is recommended for acne or eczema due to its numerous antibacterial qualities. 

4. Kind to Skin & Hair
Silk helps keep your hair and skin hydratedSilk doesn’t absorb moisture and natural oils like materials such as cotton and therefore keeps your skin and hair naturally hydrated. This also means it won't soak up your night creams which are also working to hydrate and repair your skin.
5. Regulates Temperature
Mulberry silk is breathable and naturally regulates your temperature to help keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. 



Monday Silks pillowcases are made from high quality 100% Mulberry Silk.
silk pillowcase nz black benefits   silk pillowcase rose gold          light grey silk pillowcase by monday silks nz   silk pillowcase nz


silk pillowcase nz



Luxurious !!
Love my silk pillowcase , so much so that this was the second I brought. Won’t go back to other pillowcases now. Beautiful quality and luxurious to sleep on. Helps me with my frizzy hair and sensitive skin.
Review by Jenni A. on 22 Jun 2021


Great service and great quality
So silky and shipping was really fast. The packaging was beautiful and I'm already sleeping better.
Review by Lara P. on 23 Jun 2021


Best thing ever! My little girls hair loss has stopped! No more rubbing her hair away! It’s been the best investment thank you.
Review by Anna E. on 27 May 2021


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