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difference between silk and satin

Satin vs silk pillowcases

9 days ago
The biggest difference between the two is that silk is a natural fibre produced from silk worms, where as satin is a type of weave. 
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How to prevent baby bald spots forming

How to get rid of bald spots on baby

Newborn hair loss is perfectly normal, its called telogen effluvium. Babies can also develop bald spots as they tend to spend a lot of time on their backs. Sleeping them on silky smooth silk helps prevent bald spots and frizzy hair.
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how to wash a silk pillowcase

The ultimate guide to washing silk pillowcases

Caring for your silk pillowcase is key! We've put together our ultimate guide for washing your silk pillowcase. How to clean silk that has gone yellow. 

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How to know what silk pillowcase to buy

What to look for when buying a silk pillowcase

Buying a high quality silk pillowcase is a must! If you're new to silk, Monday Silks give you their expert advise on what to look for when buying a mulberry silk pillowcase. Not all silk pillowcase are made the same.
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getting rid of dust mites in bed

How to get rid of dust mites from bedding?

Sleeping on silk stops dust must in their tracks! Silk is hypoallergenic, which is one of the reasons we call it the magical fibre for allergy sufferers.

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Why does silk costs more than satin?

Why does silk costs more than satin?

Silk is a natural animal fibre and therefore has a higher cost of production.

Since ancient times, silk has been known as a luxurious product. Mulberry silk is considered the highest quality silk available for purchase.

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