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Silk Pillowcase Standard - Light Grey

Silk Pillowcase NZ - Light Grey

//  100% Mulberry Silk  - Both Sides //

Wake up feeling replenished with the finest collection of mulberry silk pillowcases in NZ.  It's all in the detail! We've used a hidden zipper and the highest grade 6A long fibre, 22 momme mulberry silk. 

SIZE: Standard NZ 48cm X 74cm  

Why sleep on a silk pillowcase?

  • Silk doesn't absorb moisture and natural oils from your skin and hair
  • Reduces skin creases and bed hair.
  • Hypoallergenic and a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, mould.
  • Regulates temperature to keep you cool during summer and warm in the winter.

Included: 1 x Silk Pillowcase (Light Grey) in a beautifully designed gift box. 

Designed to work while you sleep, keeping your skin and hair hydrated. Best of all, it won’t soak up your expensive creams and hair products. Our silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and a must for children and adults with sensitive skin and allergies. 

OEKO-TEX Certified free of harmful substances.

Silk Pillowcase Standard - Light Grey

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great product

Slowly replacing all my pillow cases, and have gifted as well.

Waikato daisy
These really work! Wish I'd bought more than one now.

After hearing friends and family rave about silk pillowcases for a while now I finally got one. Wow they really do work. Very impressed. And I love the fact that it has a zipped end so your pillow stays inside the case nicely. Good work team!!


Light Grey Silk Pillowcase - Std

Jo Fell


Grey Silk Pillowcase

Absolutely love these pillowcases! Not only do they make your hair feel silky smooth and clear your skin, they are super lovely to sleep much so, that my husband tries to steal it from me!

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