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Satin vs silk pillowcases

difference between silk and satin

The difference between satin vs silk pillowcases?

Silk is a natural protein fibre which comes from the cocoon of a silk worm. Satin is a type of weave.

Which is the better performer?  Although both products have a smooth surface which causes less frictions on your skin and hair, silk benefits provide much more! 



silk vs satin pillowcase

Mulberry Silk is a natural animal fibre which has many health and beauty performance advantages.

Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics, which is great for anyone with dust mite and asthma allergies. 

It performs like an 8 hour beauty treatment every night!

The tightly-woven, thin fibres of silk help keep moisture close to the skin, leaving it much better hydrated. Packed with natural proteins and essential amino acids, silk speeds up the metabolism of skin cells and helps to counter the effects of ageing.

Mulberry silk allows your skin to breath and regulates your temperature, ideal for anyone who sweats in their sleep.

Silk is much more expensive to buy due to the natural and labour intensive process of production. 


Satin - Synthetic

silk vs satin pillowcase monday silks

The satin weave can be made using multiple fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and even silk. Polyester is most commonly used, which is a man-made synthetic fibre produced by a chemical reaction.

Satin is its less expensive to produce and looks similar to silk with a smooth surface.

The disadvantages are it doesn't come with silks other performance benefits. Polyester satin makes you sweat, is highly flammable  and contains toxic substances.


At Monday Silks we only use 100% Mulberry Silk which is OEKO-TEX Certified free of harmful substances. 

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